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The Power of Shapewear: Unleash Your Confidence This Summer

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As the summer is upon us some people dread the season when we have to throw away our cover-ups and suddenly we are faced with the daunting prospect of showing more skin, or even the thought of wearing the lighter non-forgiving fabrics can fill us with dread. Thankfully shapewear is here to help.

Shapewear has been around for centuries, but thankfully it has vastly moved on from the Victorian days. Not only can shapewear help you look great and enhance your natural curves all the while helping your clothes fit more comfortably and smoother it has other benefits for your body that may surprise you. It can assist in postpartum, help women suffering from bladder prolapse, assist with dieting and improve our posture.

After birth, it can take days or weeks for our tummies to compress. An excellent postpartum support band can help new moms get back into shape gradually because it supports abdominal compressions, helping boost confidence and reduce the appearance of the bump. My favourites are the below shorts from Asos.

A good body shaper will instantly improve posture. Shapers are tight and body-hugging, to create compression and so you will automatically achieve better posture. It will also smooth and sculpt the body while providing a natural lift of your curves. Giving you the confidence to wear the dress or jumpsuit whilst smoothing out any lines and hiding any cellulite you may be self-conscious of. One of my favourite shapewear lines is Skims.

Shapewear should assist and enhance your body and outfit so I recommend choosing seamless where possible. If a full bodysuit seems too daunting choose the tight high-waisted shaper this will almost give the same effort. Also, shapers are limitless, not just for under dresses or skirts but I have also worn mine under jeans to give me that instant inch weight loss. The below shorts from ASOS are a must-purchase and great for the chafing too!

Now shapers are no longer only undergarments, we have body-shaping gym clothes, body shaping swimwear.

And lastly don’t be tempted to size down thinking it will work better. A good shapewear will work for you in your correct size. it’s important that the shaper fits properly, it should feel comfortable to wear whilst still doing its job.

Aurora Rocca
Aurora Rocca
Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years both here and in London. Aurora’s background is primarily luxury fashion, beginning her career in Brown Thomas Dublin to the fast paced, dynamic environment of Selfridges to the unique and infamous Harrods, to having managed luxury stores on Bond street. Aurora is an enthusiast for fashion and travel. Working for travel news at the travel shop gives her the privilege to combine both her passions.


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