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Pyjama Trouser – The Controversial Trouser Trend

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Ah, the pyjama trouser—a garment that has sparked more debate than a presidential election. Okay, maybe not that much, but you get the idea. Until recently, I was firmly planted in the skeptic camp. Pyjamas in public? It seemed like a fashion faux pas waiting to happen. But then something changed. Maybe it was the influence of street style stars strutting their stuff in stripes, or perhaps it was just my inner rebel itching to break free from sartorial norms. Whatever the reason, I found myself falling head over heels for this controversial trend.

Let’s face it, pyjama trousers are the ultimate in comfort chic. It’s like wearing your favourite pair of PJs, but with the added bonus of looking effortlessly stylish. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re wrapped in a cosy cocoon of softness all day long? And let’s not forget the practicality factor. No more struggling into stiff denim or suffocating in tight-fitting trousers. With pyjama pants, it’s all about freedom of movement and embracing your body’s natural curves. Plus, they’re perfect for those days when you just can’t be bothered to put together a complicated outfit. Throw on a pair of pyjama trousers, add a simple tee, and voila! You’re ready to take on the world.

But of course, with great comfort comes great responsibility. The key to pulling off pyjama trousers in public is all in the styling. Sure, you could roll out of bed and hit the streets in your sleepwear, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not play up the juxtaposition of casual and chic? Pair your pyjama trousers with a tailored blazer for a look that’s equal parts laid-back and polished.Team with a kitten heeled tong shoe and you’re set to go. You could also mix things up with unexpected textures and patterns—a chunky knit sweater, a statement coat, or even a bold pair of sneakers. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes fashion so exciting.

So, whether you’re a die-hard pyjama enthusiast or a skeptic on the fence, I urge you to give this controversial trend a chance. Slip into a pair of cotton stripes, embrace the comfort, and let your style shine. Who knows? You might just discover a newfound love for the pyjama trouser that you never knew existed.

Aurora Rocca
Aurora Rocca
Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years both here and in London. Aurora’s background is primarily luxury fashion, beginning her career in Brown Thomas Dublin to the fast paced, dynamic environment of Selfridges to the unique and infamous Harrods, to having managed luxury stores on Bond street. Aurora is an enthusiast for fashion and travel. Working for travel news at the travel shop gives her the privilege to combine both her passions.


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